Fast Internet Access

No more snake Internet...

In cooperation with HolaWifi, sebitec Informatica now offers fast internet access via Fibra Air and WIMAX.

You may be living in an area where you have a very slow or no Internet (ADSL) line at all or have to constantly complain about connection failures.

The WiMAX and Fibra Air technology make it possible to provide such regions with internet, and at a comfortable speed.
Of course, this depends on the geographic location of your home. The HolaWifi technician can determine the possibilities and will get the best possible speed for you by optimally aligning the antenna.

Flexible tariffs for internet and cell phone

The most popular tariffs you can get at HolaWifi are the followings. You can find other tariffs directly on the HolaWifi website (Spanish only).

I am happy to answer your questions. Call, write an email or use our contact form.

39,95 EUR
incl. IVA 21%

Fibra Air+
available Speed

19,95 EUR
incl. IVA 21%

40 MB/s

19,95 EUR
incl. IVA 21%

WiMAX 40 MB/s incl. Mobile
with 10 GB Data Volume

One-time setup fee

The setup and installation fee is the same for each tariff: 199.00 EUR.
This can be paid in cash to the HolaWifi installation technician on site.

This includes installing the antenna, routing the network cable and providing a powerful WLAN router free of charge.

If you wish and it is necessary, we can then carry out the rest of the installation (adapting your devices to the new router, advanced router configuration, etc.) for you. Further information on request.

No contract

All tariffs can be canceled monthly, there is NO contract.

If you choose monthly payment (standard), you are flexible and not tied to a contract term.

The router and the antenna can be returned to HolaWifi after the end of use or upon termination. There are no further obligations thereafter.

We take care of the termination for you free of charge.

Processing service

We will help you with the registration or application for your internet tariff as well as with the termination of your previous provider.

sebitec Informatica takes care of you during the entire period of use and takes over all formalities for you when registering and de-registering and also when terminating the previous Internet service provider.

Since the HolaWifi service is only available in Spanish and English, we will also help you with technical problems and get in touch with HolaWifi to get the problem solved for you as soon as possible.