Complete cash register systems with software

Either as a retail or hospitality business, a dependably functioning cash register system is essential.

In order for the operational process to work without problems, all components must work together and be coordinated. The installed software coordinates the communication between all devices.

Comfortable data entry

In addition to the actual cash register PC, the touch screen can be conveniently used as an input source, especially where there is little space for the mouse and keyboard. A ticket printer creates the receipt for the customer or guest or lists the items ordered for the kitchen staff.

The system also includes a barcode scanner to make it easier to enter the items into the checkout system, and a customer display shows the buyer the price to be paid.

Optionally, an additional ticket printer can be installed in the kitchen of a restaurant in order to print out the orders taken.

Take order on tablet or smartphone

An app for use on a smartphone or tablet is also available for the gastronomy version. The recorded order is then immediately recorded in the system and, if desired, also output on the ticket printer in the kitchen.

Freely selectable software

The software can either be chosen by you, or a software that we have created individually can also be used.