sebitec Cloud

With the sebitec cloud, we offer you a reliable and above all confidential platform to make your data available at all times.

Back up your data in the cloud

Not only can you store your important files, which you must always have available, in the cloud, but you can also store your backups there as an online backup.

In an emergency, you always have a copy of your data out of the house and are able to restore it from there, for example in the event of a fire.

You can also save both your contacts and your calendars directly in the cloud and compare them with your end devices.
So you always have your contacts available on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Storage capacity selectable from 25 GB

From just EUR 49 per year, you own 25 GB of cloud storage that you can use both for your data in the cloud and for your online backups.

Of course we also offer other sizes up to 1 TB

A versatile user interface for many different tasks

sebitec Cloud comes with a convenient NextCloud interface that you can view as an online office. Because not only contacts and calendars can be managed with it, but you can call up all your email accounts in the mail view and compose emails.

Der NextCloud Kalender ermöglicht Ihnen eine komfortable Terminverwaltung. Termine können mit Ihrem Smartphone oder Tablet abgegelichen werden.

Your calendars and appointments easily under control

With sebitec Cloud, your appointments are always available on all devices. You can compare several different calendars with a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Even without using the NextCloud app.

Notes and task lists

Create notes and to-do lists and compare them with your tablet or smartphone. Instead of an infinite number of notes and leaflets, you now have everything in one environment.

All email accounts at a glance

Manage, receive and send your emails as easily as an email program such as B. Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. You have combined all of your email accounts in one view, and there is no need to switch from one email account to another.

Have an overview of all your email accounts and send emails as conveniently as e.g. in Outlook

Emails können genau wie in Outlook oder anderen Email-Programmen abgerufen, verfasst und verwaltet werden

Pictures, documents, music, videos

sebitec Cloud macht Ihnen die Verwaltung Ihrer Dateien besonders einfach. Laden Sie Ihre Dokumente, Fotos oder auch Musik oder Videos per NextCloud oder auch per Ordner-Freigabe in die Cloud, als würden Sie direkt auf Ihrer Festplatte arbeiten.

sebitec Cloud makes managing your files particularly easy. Upload your documents, photos or music or videos to the cloud via NextCloud or folder sharing as if you were working directly on your hard drive.

All your devices on the same level

sebitec Cloud offers a so-called synchronization client (NextCloud Client) for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, which ensures that your data in the cloud is compared with that on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone in real time, so to speak. Everything they do on the PC is compared with the cloud.

The files and folders to be synchronized can be freely selected if, for example, you only want to have certain orders in the cloud. Appointments and contacts that are changed or added using a tablet or smartphone, for example, can also be found in the cloud a few seconds later.

All features of the sebitec cloud at a glance