Welcome to sebitec Informatica

sebitec Informatica is an IT service company in Spain on the Costa Blanca, based in Benitachell (Alicante province).

I look after my private and commercial customers’ networks and IT systems and also offer remote maintenance support when it comes to solving minor problems on the PC or explaining a specific procedure to the customer.

In addition, I offer a PC emergency service and
I will comes to your home or business in the event of serious problems with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The aim is to guarantee my customers a maximum of service so that they are relieved of the maintenance of the computer systems and can therefore dedicate themselves to their personal or business issues.

PC Emergency Service

The computer may have gone its own way at home or at work and has misbehaved and ignored your instructions. Such situations are particularly annoying when you urgently need to do something on the PC.

In such a case, one hopes, of course, to get help from outside quickly, in order to master the stubborn “colleague” again.

I can come to your home or company if you wish to tackle the problem and ensure that you can work as usual again.

Just give me a call, send an email or use the contact form. I will then contact you as soon as possible and make an appointment.

Overview of all services

Quick help with problems with your computer, tablet or smartphone. I will come to your home or your company to solve the problem as soon as possible.
Learn how to use your PC, tablet or smartphone in a relaxed environment – at home. You are working on your own device.
Relieve your computer, tablet or smartphone of unnecessary ballast and give it back legs. Get the most out of your network and all devices.
Keep your home or company server up to date and benefit from the latest security features to protect your data from attacks.
Present yourself, your hobby or your company on an appropriately designed website and thereby achieve more success.
Treat your website to a fast, reliable platform and therefore better search engine ranking.
Back up your most important data or the entire system in the encrypted sebitec cloud so that you can access it from anywhere.
Do you need a tailor-made software solution for your project or company?
Procurement, installation and support of complete POS systems for gastronomy and retail.

Windows, MacOSX, iOS, Linux and Android

Help and advice on installing operating system software such as Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Installation of your Operating system (WIndows, Linux or Max OSX)

Setup on your device

Installation on your device and adaptation to your personal habits and needs.
Learn how to use your computer, tablet or smartphone

Tuition and Training

Get to know your computer, tablet or smartphone better and familiarize yourself with functions and programs.
Support for all Operating Systems

Questions or problems?

Quick help when you are stuck. Also by remote control with TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Upgrade to Windows 10

Support for Windows 7 computers has already expired on January 14th, so there are no more security updates. This has made it very dangerous for PCs and laptops that still have Windows 7 (or an earlier version) installed to access the Internet.

Reorganization of the wiring

Do you know the view on the photo on the right?

Such a tangle of cables is not only undecorative, but also extremely difficult to troubleshoot when a device fails.

By completely reorganizing the cabling, I bring order back into the connection between the devices by using cable guides, labeling the cables with labels and, if possible, laying them appropriately.

Re-Wiring of your cables

Often, one or the other cable is not necessary at all, so the chaos is even lighter.

sebitec Cloud

Access your encrypted online office - wherever and whenever
You want. Manage your emails, contacts, calendars, tasks,
Notes and documents.
Put a full online backup of your system
into the cloud.

An "out-of-home copy" will fit you perfect
in case of theft or fire.
Remote Support for minor problems on your Desktop PC or Laptop

Online Remote Support

For smaller problems on the PC or laptop, I also offer you the option of accessing your device remotely and fixing the problem as quickly as possible.

Remote access is usually via the TeamViewer or AnyDesk software. One call is all it takes and I will remotely bring your computer to “reason”.

No more snail Internet...

sebitec Informatica will offer fast Internet access via Fibra Air (fiber-optic speed through the air) and WiMAX from 01.01.2020 in cooperation with HolaWifi.

Even in areas where there is no or only very slow ADSL internet connection, it is still possible to benefit from a pleasant internet speed.

Fast Internet Access, by holaWifi