Individual Training

Adapted to your level of knowledge and your level of learning
lessons take place in front of your own device.

Would you like to learn how to use a specific program in a training course? Or do you simply need a general introduction to using your computer, tablet or smartphone?

The training takes place according to your individual level of knowledge and with your own device. Your ability to accept and learn will be taken into account.

This is the big advantage over training in a group, where the questions or difficulties of the individual are mostly neglected.

In order not to stress your concentration too much, we limit the teaching time to a maximum of two hours (120 minutes).

By working on your own PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you don’t have to get used to another device, and you can literally feel at home.

In between there is time for a snack or a cup of coffee …

The learning time is freely configurable

Should you have less time or not the peace to concentrate for the full two hours, we can easily shorten the lesson time and continue on another day.

The common thread

I recommend creating a list of points and questions that you would like to learn or have explained before an appointment. We will go through these points at our meeting.